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Vacs Factory, Litomyšl

Our “ID”: Specializing in bags
Our address: Made here in the Czech Republic
Our inspiration: It’s tennis – precision and speed are important


Maybe you know this from personal experience. You’ve got a new vacuum cleaner and cleaning is a pleasure! Then, all of a sudden, you realize your vacuum’s status has reached “bag is full,” and you don’t have an extra bag at home. Just terrific, huh?


When, after much cajoling, you finally set out to the store where you bought your cleaning appliance, they want you to give them the vacuum’s brand and model type.

“It’s red, isn’t that good enough for you?” That really is the only thing you can remember J.  

Sometimes, it happens that a given store does actually sell vacuums at good prices, but what about bags and accessories? That’s just icing on the cake, who would want to deal with those?

Or, maybe they find out which is the correct bag, but they don’t have it in stock. Do you know how many models of vacuum cleaners there are in the world? It’s not possible to have them all in stock! “We’ll order it, stop by and ask for it next week...”

Things can also look pretty dark if you have a vacuum cleaner with an older date of manufacture. Maybe another type of bag would fit, but you’d need to fix it or adjust it a bit at home.


We at the VACS FACTORY know that the key to a clean and happy home is having a reliable pipeline between the vacuum cleaner model and its proper bag. Therefore, each week we’re constantly dusting off our database of vacuum models – adding to it and preparing new types of bags.  By no means does this involve only vacuums that are new to the market; the goal is also to “bag” older and perhaps forgotten models. Such as, for example, the Primo model of the Slovenian vacuum brand LIV:

Dear friends,

I bought 1 pack of bags for a LIV Primo Series 1 vacuum cleaner from your company (order no. 134637) and I have to say that I am very satisfied. Originally, I wasn’t sure whether the bags would fit into my vacuum, but everything is simply perfect. Although we do have a large Nilfisk Extréme vacuum at home, working with this vacuum is rather exhausting for me with regards to my advanced age (79 years). Therefore, I am happy that the old vacuum, which is substantially lighter, works just as it did when it was “young.” Therefore, I would like to buy another pack of your perfect bags as a reserve. I will pay the set price COD when the package is delivered.

Best regards, Bohumír from Rajhrad, Czech Republic

We have more than 22 thousand models of vacuum cleaners for you in our assortment, and we are not done yet. Our goal is for truly everyone to be able to find their model and have direct access to the right purchase.


As soon as the correct bag is assigned to your vacuum cleaner and the order is confirmed, it all becomes routine. Downloading all orders into the ERP system, production, packaging, dispatching, and departure. It’s necessary to deliver the bags precisely and quickly; customers are waiting and they want to start vacuuming.


We manufacture VACS bags in Litomyšl and supply them to all the countries of Europe via our own and specialized online partner shops. Our bags are filtering dust and helping people with their cleaning across Europe – from Romania to Ireland.