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Bags for SENCOR SRX0031 vacuum cleaners

Model: SI1854
Brand: VACS Standard
Balení sáčků do vysavače More

Discount guarantee 
when you buy multiple types

Exchange guarantee 
when you replace your vacuum cleaner

Price from 1,01 £ / pcs bags

30 %, 40 %, or 50 % discount

Combine different types of bags.

You can claim your discount by placing an order for different types of bags. Add individual types of bags to the basket and enter the number of bags you need. Your discount will be figured into the items in your basket according to the total quantity.

If you decide to replace your vacuum cleaner with a new one, but still have a stock of unused VACS bags, you can exchange these for bags for your new vacuum.

In this case you only pay postage and any difference in price.

Description - Bags for SENCOR SRX0031 vacuum cleaners



Bag height 390 mm
Bag width 315 mm
Bag volume in liters 6 l
Bag material Nonwoven
Opening diameter 33 mm