Accessories for robotic vacuum cleaners

Specialist in bags, filters and accessories for robotic vacuum cleaners

You can find out your vacuum’s model on the label on the underside of your vacuum.

The most searched brands of vacuum cleaners

Quality accessories for the most popular brands of robotic vacuum cleaners

All the brands are in alphabetical order

Bags, filters and accessories for more than 11 brands and 200 models of robotic vacuum cleaners

The advantages of VACS bags and how they are manufactured

VACS bags are made from non-woven fabric that has 5 layers of filtration material and is one of the most modern technologies used for thorough filtration.

Extended lifespan

Extended lifespan

In comparison with paper bags, VACS bags have a 50% longer lifespan
More effective filtration

More effective filtration

Synthetic non-woven fabric filters out up to 99% of micron-sized particles – up to 40% more than paper bags.
Durable seams

Durable seams

VACS bags are substantially more durable and don’t tear if they draw in moisture
Sanitary sealing collar

Sanitary sealing collar

A sanitary sealing collar keeps dust exactly where it belongs, meaning inside the bag.

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